Our sweets and treats 

“Gluten is created when two molecules, glutenin and gliadin, come into contact and form a bond or protein composite. When bakers knead dough, that bond creates an elastic membrane, which is what gives bread its chewy texture and permits pizza chefs to toss and twirl the dough into the air. Gluten also traps carbon dioxide, which, as it ferments, adds volume to the loaf. Humans have been eating wheat, and the gluten in it, for at least ten thousand years. For people with celiac diseaseabout one per cent of the population—the briefest exposure to gluten can trigger an immune reaction powerful enough to severely damage the surfaces of the intestinal lining.” 



For those who have Celiac disease, you can rest assure, because we use Cup 4 Cup Premium Gluten-Free Flour Blend exclusively for our delicious treats. Cup4Cup is a complete multi purpose, gluten-free flour blend that successfully replaces all-purpose wheat flour in our recipes. Cup4Cup was developed by professional chefs and was specially formulated for texture, taste and performance.  It’s gluten-free, but you might never have known it.

We also offer Paleo treats! The Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat. Our modern diet is full of refined foods, trans fats and sugars, which is the root of degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression, and infertility. Typical items excluded from the Paleo Diet are dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils, refined sugar, salt, and alcohol. The diet mainly consists of eating plenty of, fruits, vegetable and natural meats, and drinking lots of water.

Look for some of these sweets to make it to your next party? Our lovely pastry chef makes beautiful treats to satisfy any party craving! Feel free to ask your server for our Dessert Catering Menu, or email our Pastry Chef Naomi at naomi.eatmajestic@gmail.com, or call 201-962-8750 for custom orders.

A little about our extraordinary Pastry Chef, Naomi Moschitta: Born in Japan, she attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris where she began her training in the pastry arts. She’s previously worked at the Greenwich Water Club in Connecticut, Indigo Smoke and Bibi’s Restaurant in NJ. She’s a highly regarded chef who can memorize her recipes by heart, and can make most treats gluten-free taste absolutely amazing!